iPhone 5 Repair in College Station, TX

Most repairs done in 30 minutes · No appointment needed

iPhone 5 Screen Repair

Fix your iPhone’s cracked screen and make it as good as new again! We offer the industry’s best lifetime warranty with all screen repairs.

$49.99 (if just glass is broken)
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

We can replace batteries in 30 minutes! We offer a 6-month warranty on all battery replacements. We can also test your current battery for free to see if there’s an issue with it.

iPhone 5 Charging Port Replacement

Often we can clean out your charging port, which fixes issues for free. (Don’t try this at home–we have special tools that won’t damage your port!) If a cleaning fails to fix the issue, we can replace your charging port. This repair takes about 30-45 minutes.

iPhone 5 Camera Replacement

We can replace both the front and back cameras, as well as the camera glass that covers your rear camera. This repair takes 30-60 minutes.

$39.00 for front camera
$39.00 for back camera
iPhone 5 Home Button Replacement

We can fix your broken home button. 

iPhone 5 Water Damage Repair

We charge $50.00 for water damage cleaning. We can then test for what parts your phone needs and replace those for the part cost (as shown above.) We can also recover data from water-damaged phones.

$50.00 and up

Thousands of Happy Customers!

“I thought my iPhone needed a repair to the internal charging assembly. One of the guys at 1Up Repairs operated on the phone and pulled out a lot of pocket lint, and it charged up immediately! NO COST! Thank you 1Up, you have won a customer for life!”

“I had a great experience at 1Up. They replaced the screen on my phone when Apple claimed that they couldn't. It was ready 30 minutes after I dropped out off, and it cost me about half of what Apple charges to replace screens. Everyone was nice, and my phone looks and works great.”

“1Up Repairs is bar none the best computer repair shop! They are fair, respectful and do their best to give you a clear answer as well as a price. I had been to three other computer stores and the others quoted me double the cost. At 1Up, my computer screen was fixed and replaced within 3 days.”

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Most phone repairs can be done in 30 minutes. We don’t require appointments, but you can make an appointment below for faster service:

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About the iPhone 5

Apple’s iPhone 5 debuted with a screen .5” larger than its predecessor and upgraded to the A6 processor, doubling its graphics capability. The iPhone 5 also saw the debut of the slimmer and symmetrical Lightning connector, improving upon the 30-pin dock connector of previous models.

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