Data Recovery

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No appointment needed! · We recover data from computers, laptops, Macs, thumb drives, and more

Data Transfer

We can move all your documents, contacts, pictures, and email from your old computer to your new one.

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Data Recovery

Need help recovering data from a failed thumb drive, external drive, or hard drive? Trust 1Up Repairs for a less expensive, local data recovery solution.

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Thousands of Happy Customers

“My MacBook hard drive (HD) was failing. I decided to call these guys up and make the trek down to see exactly what the trouble was. I’m sure glad I did. Got a diagnosis pretty quickly, and they gave me options on a new HD that would take several hours to procure and a few to install. I asked incredulously, “Are you going to be open on New Year’s?”, and the gentleman responded, “We’re here for you!” That is the kind of customer service we all want, and it’s rare to find. They even ordered a new external drive for me that I needed for an upcoming music project. I highly recommend 1Up. At my place of business, we’re known (and loved) for taking care of our clients, and that’s exactly the service I received here. Well done!”

“My iPhone screen shattered and I came here because of the great yelp reviews. They certainly lived up to the high ratings! The guys were all knowledgeable and polite and really sweet. The girl ahead of me had a phone that got wet and badly damaged while she was in Thailand and they worked really diligently recovering all her data. They got the phone and even the fingerprint id working again. It's good to know I have a "go to" place now if I need any repairs. Yay 1Up Repairs!”

“Great guys and great service! My phone got some water damage and the guys fixed it in 20 minutes and had great conversation. I love that I could do a walk-in fifteen minutes after my phone was damaged and have my phone fixed within the hour! Highly recommend, it was awesome.”

Hard drive crashed and your computer won’t “read” it? Did your external drive stop working and you can’t get to your files any more? Let 1Up Repairs help!

We do data recovery for both Macs and PCs. We use specialized software to help recover data off your disk, even if you’ve formatted it or deleted files accidentally.

We can recover data from:

  • Internal hard drives in Mac computers
  • Internal hard drives in PC computers
  • External hard drives formatted for either Mac or PC
  • USB thumb drives or flash drives.

We can recover data from older spindle (“spinning”) drives as well as newer SSD (“flash”) drives.

We can also migrate your data to a new computer, external hard drive, or flash drive for you.

We work with both businesses and individuals for data recovery.

Prices start at just $100 for data recovery (the price depends on the amount of data to be recovered.) If you know how much data you have on your disk, we can quote you a price over the phone.

If we’re unable to recover any of your data, there’s no charge!

We don’t send your hard drive anywhere–all recovery services are performed onsite by our expert technicians.

Our service is affordable and quick compared to sending your drive to a specialized data recovery firm and having to wait days or weeks for a recovery (plus time spent boxing and shipping your drive, and waiting for them to ship it back.) Many data recovery repairs can be performed same-day or overnight.

We do not charge any “evaluation fees” or diagnostic fees for data recovery–we only charge if we are able to recover at least some of your data.

We have over 200 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google, and perform data recovery for students and local business owners on a regular basis. We can also combine our data recovery service with installing a new hard drive on your computer and getting you back up and running. Let our experts help!