Xbox One HDMI Port Repair / Replacement

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No appointment needed! · Our local experts replace your Xbox One HDMI port on site.

Xbox One HDMI Port Replacement

No signal or a blank screen on your Xbox One? We can replace the HDMI port so you don’t have to buy a new Xbox.

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Thousands of Happy Customers!

“I can't say enough about how well I was treated when I had to bring my PlayStation in yesterday. I was actually planning on doing the repairs with a friend of mine to try and save a little money but now I'm glad I didn't. I called in and John gave me great advice. He promptly repaired my console. Now it works better than ever.”

“Picked up my PlayStation yesterday afternoon and it's working perfectly. John was awesome to work with and answered all of my questions. It was either drop $200 on a new PS3, drop $400 on a new PS4 or head over to 1Up and get the repair done with a 60 day warranty. Glad I found this place. Highly recommended!”

“I went there to get my video game system repaired, was having trouble playing games. They let me know it was my laser in my PS4 that was bad and gave me a good price on the repair. They showed me that it worked after it was finished and that's a plus in my book. They had great customer service and told me if I had any more troubles to come back.”

Has your Xbox One stopped displaying a picture? Is it no longer giving you a signal? It’s time to get your Xbox One HDMI port replaced.

This is an advanced repair that involves pulling out the motherboard and soldering a new port on your Xbox. It is not an easy repair, but our trained technicians have the right equipment and experience to handle these repairs, and we’ve done them for other customers.

Bring your Xbox One in today and get your HDMI port replaced for far less than the cost of a new system! Select your nearest 1Up Repairs location above for details.

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