Mac & MacBook Repair in San Marcos, TX

No appointment needed · We repair MacBooks, Mac Minis and more!

Replace Broken MacBook Screen

We can replace the broken screen in your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

Battery Replacement

Don’t buy a new MacBook if your battery doesn’t last as long as it used to! Get a new battery installed by 1Up Repairs instead.

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Keys stopped working? We can replace the keyboard on your MacBook.

OS Reinstall

Things not working as they should? Need to sell your MacBook? We can do a complete wipe of your Mac so it’s as good as new.

Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade

We fix “question mark folder” issues on your Mac. Or, if you just need more space, call us or stop by to discuss your options.

Older MacBook Pro or Mac mini SSD upgrade

Does your older Mac take forever to boot up? Make your older MacBook Pro or your Mac mini almost as fast as a new Mac for a fraction of the price of buying new! 

Mac “Not Charging” Fix

Has your MacBook stopped charging properly? We can help.

Virus Removal

Yes, it’s true: Macs do get viruses on occasion! If your Mac is getting hijacked by malware, we can help.

Mac Water Damage Repair

Did your Mac take a hit from water, coffee, or another beverage? We can help! Bring your Mac in as soon as possible for the best possible chance at recovery.

When you bring your Mac in, you can just bring the computer. You don’t need to bring in your power cord.

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No appointment needed!

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Thousands of Happy Customers

“I thought my iPhone needed a repair to the internal charging assembly. One of the guys at 1Up Repairs operated on the phone and pulled out a lot of pocket lint, and it charged up immediately! NO COST! Thank you 1Up, you have won a customer for life!”

“I had a great experience at 1Up. They replaced the screen on my phone when Apple claimed that they couldn't. It was ready 30 minutes after I dropped out off, and it cost me about half of what Apple charges to replace screens. Everyone was nice, and my phone looks and works great.”

“1Up Repairs is bar none the best computer repair shop! They are fair, respectful and do their best to give you a clear answer as well as a price. I had been to three other computer stores and the others quoted me double the cost. At 1Up, my computer screen was fixed and replaced within 3 days.”

Call Us For a Free Quote: (512) 271-2000 option 2

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