PlayStation Repair in San Marcos, TX

No appointment needed! · We repair PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
Remove Stuck Discs
We can help you get a stuck disc out of your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4.
PlayStation 4 HDMI Port Replacement
No picture on your PlayStation 4? We can replace the HDMI port so you don’t have to buy a new console.
Repair for PlayStation Not Turning On
Does your PS3 or PS4 not turn on at all? We can help! Bring it by and we’ll take a look.
PlayStation Laser Replacement
Is your Playstation not reading discs? Perhaps it is reading some discs and not others. We can repair this issue.
PlayStation Power Supply Replacement

We can replace the power supply in your PS3 or PS4.

PlayStation Blue Light Repair
Does your PlayStation have the “blue light of death”? We can help!
PlayStation “Yellow Light of Death” Repair

Does your PlayStation have the “yellow light of death”? Bring it to 1Up Repairs!

PlayStation Hard Drive Upgrade or Replacement
We can replace or upgrade the hard drive in your PlayStation.

When you bring your PlayStation in, you can just bring the console. You don’t need to bring in controllers or power cords.

If a certain disc is giving you issues, please bring the disc with your console.

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No appointment needed!

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Call Us For a Free Quote: (512) 271-2000 option 2

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